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Companies today have fairly limited opportunities to recruit additional staff for sales and marketing even though the need can sometimes be quite urgent.

The service offered by Jomix Oy addresses this challenge. The health care sector is highly specific, and substitutes for health care jobs cannot be found through non-specialised personnel hire companies. In addition, recruiting a new professional is always a risk and the need in question is not necessarily long-term.

Mika Lehtisyrjä, M.A., has been employed in the pharmaceutical sector in Finland since 1996. He has held different sales and marketing positions and acted, among other things, as a pharmaceutical sales representative, product manager, sales and marketing manager and, for the last few years, as a marketing director. Now he has harnessed the expertise he has gained over the years to benefit Jomix Oy’s customers.

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Typical situations where Jomix Oy can help you include:

- temporary shortage of salesforce in a specific area (resigning from the company, long sick leave, etc.)

- need for an extra salesperson for a single project, product launch, etc.

- product manager or project manager tasks in short-term projects

- the company wishes to test the opportunities of a product or business area and wants to limit the risk and not recruit new personnel right away

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The quality of the service is guaranteed by Lehtisyrjä himself taking personal responsibility for the implementation of the agreed task. If additional personnel are needed, only pharmaceutical professionals are employed whose work quality and professional skills are known and recognised over a long period of time.

Quantity should not be prioritised over quality, so only a certain number of assignments are accepted at any time so that these quality criteria can definitely be fulfilled.